Our experts help clients specify, plan, deploy, manage and optimize music and digital ecosystems. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Curated Music

If your brand sounds right in store, customers will stay longer, interact more, spend more time and has a positive influence on profitability. We work closely with you to create bespoke music collections that resonate with your different spaces and reflect your brand’s unique personality and style.

Cloud Based Technology

Our software solutions automatically control and deliver your bespoke collection of music tracks, playlists and special requests. Running on multiple platforms with interactive apps for all, we have the perfect solutions for all of your music requirements. Our cloud based technology delivers your bespoke music experiences direct to you, wherever you’re located in the world.

Audiovisual Design & Consulting

We provide AV consulting and make these communications a reality by designing audiovisual and sound systems that are easy to use, provide high quality images and intelligible sound, and complement the architecture of a space. We specialize in the audio visual & acoustical design, engineering, installation and servicing of simple to complex integrated AV systems.

Audio Branding

Successful audio branding embodies your identity. We have been helping brands create their own audio identity, providing original tunes and distinctive audio touches that reflect their unique personality.

Creative In-store Solutions

We help brands use digital tools in-store to inform their customers, direct them through their experience or engage with them properly.